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One-day Conductor's Course, led by Allan Withington

Published on 6 June, 2011 at 11:06

One-day Conductor's Course, led by Allan Withington

Durham Gala Theatre

15 July 2011

Commencing at 10.00am

BRASS: Durham International Festival, presents a rare opportunity for aspiring and
working brass band conductors in the UK to learn from the six times National
Champion MD, Allan Withington,
The day will be formatted into two, two-an- a-half hour sessions of intense rehearsal,
commencing at 10.00am.
Lending insight into the Course, Allan Withington said: "The aim of the day is to give
delegates present an awareness of, and an improvement in basic conducting skills, as
well as to develop in each delegate a noticeable change or improvement in the band's
playing, from the start to finish of each individual student's time on the podium.
"All students will, when they are not actively involved, be present to watch, listen, learn
and to take part in any discussions that may arise."
Repertoire embraced will be The Power of the Soul (Maurice Hammers), Nimrod (Eric
Ball) and, time permitting, some simple sight-reading, which will be given out on the
Allan Withington advised: "All the students need to bring is a good baton and an
inquisitive mind."


10.00am - 10.20 am

An introduction by Allan Withington, during which Allan will chat to delegates about
their expectations and personal aspirations for the day.

10.20am 10.50am: Allan Withington will outline the style of good conducting technique
and will enlist the practical help of delegates for this session, accompanied by
Stavanger Band

10.50am - 11.00am: Coffee, The Studio

11.00pm - 1.15pm: Delegates will receive practical experience with guidance and
comments from Allan Withington, accompanied by Stavanger Band from Norway.


1.15pm - 1.45pm: Lunch, The Studio

AFTERNOON SESSION - 1.45pm - 4.00pm

1.45pm - 3.45pm: More practical experience, with Allan Withington's guidance,
accompanied by Stavanger Band.

Coffee / tea: The Studio - ten-minute break during the course of the afternoon.

Summary: 3.45pm - 4.00pm

Allan Withington will invite questions from the floor and Stavanger Band will remain to

accompany any practical demonstrations required.

Conclusion: 4.00pm - 4.30pm

Course feedback for each student, during which Allan Withington will offer delegates
tips and advice about further individual development.

The price of the day-long Conductors' Course is £35 per person and delegates will be
eligible for a 25% discount per ticket to Stavanger's stunning Bach and Beyond
concert in Durham Cathedral on 14 July, starting at 7.30pm. The concert will trace
the development of the chorale from Bach to gospel and incorporate some special
choreography to demonstrate how the chorale has been used to accompany different
historical events.

To secure a place on the Conductors' Course, please contact Gala Durham at:

1 Milennium Place

Town Centre, Durham


Box office: 0191 332 4041

Book online at:
All inquiries about Course format to Nicola Bland
Telephone: 07976 908546

For further information about the full BRASS programme,
please visit


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