European Championships tickets go on sale from 1 December

Thursday 16 November 2023

An initial release of 500 ‘combi’ tickets for the 45th European Brass Band Championships (EBBC) in Palanga, Lithuania, will go on sale from 1 December.

It will be the first time that these championships have been staged the Baltic States, taking place in the Palanga Concert Hall between 27 April and 5 May 2024. The event will include the European Composers Competition and the European Youth Brass Band Contest alongside other attractions and events.

This pre-sale is a perfect option to secure seat(s) and provide the opportunity to plan your trip in advance.

Participating bands will be able to buy their tickets in January via an order form which will be sent once all participating bands are confirmed.

A second opportunity to buy tickets for the event will open on 20 January.

The ‘combi’ ticket will give access to all the events during the week of the European Brass Band Championships:

2 May: European Composers Competition - Final

3 May: EBBC Championship Section – Set Test Piece

4 May: EBBC Challenge Section and EBBC Championship Section Own Choice Piece

4 May: Gala Concert

5 May: European Youth Brass Band Championship - Development and Premier Section.

The link to ticket sales will be announced on the official website of the EBBC 2024, and social media on 1 December.


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