The Reivers planning a brass band raid on Whit Friday contests

Wednesday 17 May 2023

A group of 34 players representing bands in the Scottish Borders Brass Band Association have formed a ‘scratch’ band to play at this year’s Whit Friday march contests in Saddleworth on Friday 2 June.

Calling themselves The Reivers, the band has had its first rehearsal under their musical director Stuart Black, playing the William Rimmer march Viva Birkinshaw.

This is the first time in some 20 years that the Scottish Borders has been in the position to form a band to take part in this world famous event as it normally clashes with a host of local Common Riding and festival gigs. 

Players taking part are from Galashiels Town, Hawick Saxhorn, Jedforest Instrumental, Langholm Town, Selkirk Silver, St Boswells Concert, and St Ronan’s Silver bands.

We wish them well!


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