Edinburgh University players make their mark in Whit Friday march contests

Tuesday 14 June 2022

Edinburgh University Brass Band wanted to give its newer members an opportunity to engage with the wider UK brass band culture and traditions by attending the Whit Friday march contests in Saddleworth, Lancashire, but the lack of marching percussion was an obstacle to their aspirations.

Last weekend, however, their plans came to fruition, thanks to the loan of a snare drum from Dalkeith & Monktonhall Band and the hire of a bass drum and cymbals from the Drum Shop in Glasgow with support from Creative Scotland through funding for further education projects.

EUBB played at six villages over the course of last Friday night and, at the end of proceedings, learned that it had come away with a few accolades.

“At Scouthead we won the prize for being the first band to play,” explained band president Alexander Gordon. “And, although we didn't get placed very high overall, we often ranked quite highly amongst the seven other university bands.

“In two villages – Lees and Dobcross – we ranked first among the participating universities, as well as second in Scouthead and third in Greenfield.”

EUBB’s foray into the hills of deepest Lancashire proved to be not only a new and highly enjoyable banding experience, but also a personally rewarding one.


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