Edinburgh University band drums up appeal for marching percussion

Sunday 15 May 2022

Members of Edinburgh University Brass Band are looking forward to taking part in this year’s annual Whit Friday march contests in Saddleworth, Lancashire, but there’s just one thing hampering their plans at the moment – they need a set of percussion!

The band is appealing to their Scottish banding colleagues for the loan of a marching bass drum and snare drum with harnesses, and a set of clash cymbals to enable them to make the most of their trip south.

“We’ll be one of just a few Scottish bands attending this competition but unfortunately we don’t have any marching percussion instruments to accompany our street marches,” said the band’s Ed Whyton.

The loan of percussion would be a stop-gap measure while the band investigates options to purchase its own equipment which would help to make Whit Friday an annual EUBB tradition and also open up the potential to take on other new marching engagements.

“Purchasing new equipment would encourage the newer members of our band to engage more with brass band culture and traditions by giving them the opportunity to join in with marching experiences,” added Ed.

The Whit Friday march contests in Saddleworth and Tameside take place on 10 June.

If any band can help out, please contact Ed at eubrassband@gmail.com


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