Back to Banding: Happily enjoying the Scottish sunshine while they can – that’s Broxburn and Livingston

Thursday 24 June 2021

Although members of Broxburn and Livingston Band have been seeing each other on weekly Zoom calls – plus the occasional online rehearsal – they are discovering there is nothing better than the real thing.

Since the restrictions have been lifted, the band has had two outdoor rehearsals, with a combination of both senior band members and B&L Future Brass coming along to enjoy the lovely weather that they have been blessed with.

“Making sure to abide by social distancing – as well as reapplying sun cream when necessary! – the rehearsals have been a wonderful experience for all involved,” said the band’s Iona McVicar, solo horn and social secretary.

“We have all been so excited to get back to rehearsing together again although our band hall is far too small to use within the current restrictions.

“We are hopeful that soon we may be able to hold sectionals in the space but full band rehearsals must stay outdoors for now, in a large area close by the band hall.”

Iona added: “It has been absolutely wonderful to see everyone again, especially so being able to make a good start with our new conductor, Alistair Gibson. We’re all excited to begin working on some new pieces – and happily enjoying the Scottish sunshine while we can!”

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