UPDATE: Solo championships entry deadline is extended

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Further to our post on Monday 14 December, there has been a change of date for the submission of entries for the Scottish youth solo championships.

Due to the changing restrictions arising from the Coronavirus pandemic and the revised schools return dates in January announced at the weekend, the deadline for sending in solo videos for the preliminary qualifying rounds has been extended by three weeks.

All entries should now be submitted no later than 14 February 2021. The qualifier heats will now take place on 27 and 28 February, enabling the top four finalists from each area in each age group to either resubmit the same solo for the finals or record a new solo or version of the solo by 7 March.

The date of the finals is unchanged at Saturday 13 March.

Entrants are requested to submit video recordings of their solos, with or without accompaniment, to education officer John Boax at sbbaeducation@gmail.com by 14 February. The adjudicators will review the entries over a two-week period after that date and the finalists will be confirmed on the day of their regional competition.

Soloists with accompaniments and ensembles must ensure that social distancing remains in place at all times during their recordings.

Due to the complexities of recording the ensembles, entries should just be submitted for the finals. There will be no qualifier and videos should be sent to John Boax no later that 28 February.

Entry forms for the solo and youth events have been revised accordingly. There is also a guidance note on how to record yourself here.

SBBA vice president Ann Murray, who is co-organising the championships with John Boax, commented: “I do apologies for the change of dates after only just having sent out the forms, but hopefully this will allow for the necessary extra time for solos to be prepared and recorded.”



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