Whitburn Band has announced its annual awards.

Monday 13 January 2020

Solo Horn player Alison Hall was named Player of the Year for 2019, while soprano Scott Forrest was voted as Players’ Player of the Year for the second time.

Neill Gourlay was announced as Bandsperson of the Year, while Graham Fraser was given a special Chairperson Award for his service.

Stephen Duncan was given a medal for ten years of membership.

For Whitburn Wee Band, Elissa Kerr, Xander Kerr, Aidan Seatter, Eilidh Farren were awarded, while Eilidh Stephenson has been promoted to Whitburn Youth Band.

The Whitburn Youth Band prizes were:

Most Improved Player - Adam Neilson

Player of the Year - Ross Gilchrist

Bandsperson - Aidan Barr

Promotion to Heartlands - Zoe Wilson


For Whitburn Heartlands, the awards were:

Youth Player of the Year - Morgan Jones

Players’ Player - Sam Knox


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