Fight against music cuts gathers pace

Tuesday 15 May 2018

With a growing number of local authorities deciding to reduce the provision of free instrumental tuition in state schools in Scotland and, in some cases, impose fees for the service, there are a growing number of voices fighting passionately for a rethink on the matter.

Dalmellington trombonist Ralph Riddiough

 One such voice is that of Dalmellington trombonist Ralph Riddiough who has raised an on-line petition with the Scottish Parliament. Ralph is hoping for as many signatures as possible in a bid to counter proposals in places such as West Lothian where plans are in place to reduce the existing provision and/or introduce substantial fees for instrumental tuition.

Ralph commented: "Everyone appreciates that budgets are under immense strain, but cutting these services and imposing fees on families, many of whom are already making difficult education decisions, is so short sighted and ultimately destructive. It's quickly becoming a 'luxury' service for those who can afford to pay for it."

The Petitiion, which has a closing date of 19 June 2018, reads as follows: "Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to change the law to ensure that musical instrument tuition is available as of right to all children attending state schools in Scotland who wish it, free of charge."

Further details, and an opportunity to sign the petition, can be found at the following link: