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The National Youth Brass Bands of Scotland

A total of three bands are now available to offer players of all abilities (grade 3 upwards), aged between 9 and 22 (inclusive), an opportunity to become involved with one of the most inspirational youth brass band initiatives in Scotland.

The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland

The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland is the premier level youth band of the organisation and demonstrates the extraordinary musical talent that is available from the finest young brass and percussion players. Led by internationally renowned conductors, this year welcoming Russell Gray, supported by a tutorial team of leading brass and percussion instrumentalists, the band offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best.

The band is also regularly involved with other high-profile performance opportunities which have included the Scottish Parliament, the Perth Proms, the Aberdeen International Festival of Youth and a collaborative project at Celtic Connections in 2013. In 2014 NYBBS was involved in the Cumnock Festival at the invitation of composer James McMillian.

In 2015 all three band courses took place in the wonderful surroundings of Queen Victoria School in Dunblane. It has great facilities for the young people to enjoy a week of music making and fun. Queen Victoria school has all the facilities to make your stay enjoyable with its first class educational and leisure facilities.

The National Youth Reserve Brass Band of Scotland

Conducted by John Boax, The National Youth Reserve Brass Band of Scotland (for players aged 14 -22 inclusive) is designed to nurture young musicians who are well on their way to reaching the high standards required by the premier level of NYBBS, or those awaiting a vacancy to arise in NYBBS. The band offers its members plenty of inspiration, support and opportunities to progress, guided by a collection of highly experienced musicians and additional performance opportunities, making it an ideal stepping stone up to the next stage.

The National Children's Brass Band of Scotland

Conducted by Gordon Evans, The National Children's Brass Band of Scotland provides a wonderful opportunity for young, less experienced musicians (aged 13 or under), to enjoy the pleasures of playing in a full band of like-minded enthusiasts.

The band is led and supported by a team of dedicated and experienced musicians, offering a perfect introduction to the wider world of brass band music and highlighting the many opportunities music can provide aspiring players.