Brass band needed to take part in Glasgow Pride Parade

Tuesday 14 June 2022

The Co-op is in need of a band – or a composite ensemble of brass and percussion players from several bands – to play at the Pride Parade in Glasgow on Saturday 25 June.

As the cooperation band already has an engagement on that day, it isn’t in a position to do the gig. Ideally the job would suit a band which is proficient at marching.

“The band will take part in the Pride Festival marching alongside employees of the Co-op Group,” explained Martin Stack, Health & Safety Manager, Logistics Central Operations.

“No band uniforms are required, just casual dress. The music comprises four pieces associated with the Pride movement, which are in my possession. The plan is for everyone to meet up for one rehearsal to run through the music beforehand.”

If a composite band is able to fulfil the engagement, the Co-op will make a donation to the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (NYBBS) as a thank you.

Anyone interested in taking part, please contact Martin at with your name, band, instrument and date of birth.


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