Make Music Day 2022: the planning starts here

Saturday 6 November 2021

This is a shout-out to all music makers, groups and organisations in Scotland. The next Make Music Day may be some way off – on 21 June 2022 – but the planning for it starts well in advance of that.

A briefing event on Make Music Day takes place on Thursday 25 November from 10am at which you’ll find out about how you can get involved and connect your own music-related activities in 2022.

“The Make Music Day UK team will share with you details about initiatives you can join in and the resources and support we're planning,” explained Alison Reeves, Scotland development project manager for the event. “Let us spark some inspiring ideas about ways to fill homes, streets, venues and the internet with music on 21 June next year!”

Make Music Day is the world’s biggest DIY music festival. It began in France (as Fete De La Musique) 40 years ago and is now celebrated in 125 countries globally. On 21 June this year, over 30,000 music makers in the UK took part – a fifth of UK events took place in Scotland with performances from Shetland to Campbeltown and Scottish music makers connected with musicians from Nepal, Brittany, Zambia, Afghanistan, USA and many more countries.

To attend the briefing, please register your interest here. For further information, visit the Make Music Day UK website here.

Twitter - @MakeMusicDayUK

Facebook/Instagram - MakeMusicDayUK


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