Back to Banding: Creetown members look forward to returning to their ‘new’ band hall

Thursday 15 July 2021

For the past few weeks Creetown Silver Band has been holding its rehearsals in the garden of band chairman James Hunter.

Members are now looking forward to moving into their comfortable ‘new’ home at the Quarrymen’s Arts Centre.

Several years ago, the band gifted its hall to the community and the trust which now owns it has refurbished it to a high standard. It is now a well-appointed small arts centre for use by other local groups as well as for one-off events.

The hall is a Grade 2 listed building and has retractable seating for 80, providing a larger space when required. A formal opening is planned as soon as COVID restrictions allow.

Creetown rehearses on Thursday evenings, 7pm when outside and 7.30pm after the band has returned indoors.


Creetown Silver Band resume their rehearsals under the musical direction of Stuart McNab.


Inside the newly refurbished Quarrymen's Arts Centre.






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