Back to Banding: So cold some members of Dunaskin had to wear their ‘carolling’ gloves!

Monday 21 June 2021

It had been 455 days (who’s counting?) since Dunaskin Doon Band’s last get-together but, setting up next to the band hall in Mossblown, members – some wearing gloves because of the cold! – were absolutely thrilled to be back at band.

“It was absolutely brilliant being together again!” commented bass player Scott Carson. “It’s fantastic to be back playing real live music again,” remarked honorary president Angus Cochrane.

Musical director Paul Drury guided the band through its first rehearsal and also welcomed a new player – David Black on soprano.

Players were all set to rehearse indoors in Kyle Academy’s theatre, but due to Ayrshire remaining in Tier Two restriction, they had to resort to playing outdoors.

The whole group were delighted to be back together and there was plenty of banter. Said secretary Fiona Waddington: “As a band we met many times online during lockdown for quizzes, bingo and chat, but all we really wanted to do was get back in the band room and play music.

“Even though we were outdoors, to be able to meet together and play as an ensemble was just wonderful – although I never thought I’d need to dig out my carolling gloves in June!”

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