Back to Banding: Young players from Newtongrange and Loanhead show you can’t beat the real thing

Sunday 20 June 2021

Youth bands have been among the most enthusiastic to get back to banding especially as they have been unable to play in groups at school.

Here, Alan Fernie has taken up the baton with relish again with Newtongrange Junior and Loanhead Youth bands and he reports that “both bands are absolutely delighted” to be returning to rehearsals, even if it is outdoors.

Loanhead members are pictured playing in the car park of their usual base of the McTaggart Scott factory, wearing hi-viz tabards because it is a working environment. Newtongrange are indebted to their local Newtongrange Star FC for the use of a quiet corner of their car park, which is handily located next door to their band hall.

“Both the neighbouring bands have rigorous risk assessments in place and are enjoying the whole experience of being together again after a year of extensive online activity,” commented Newtongrange-born Alan.

“You just can't beat the real thing!”

If you would like to share your experience of playing again in our Back to Banding series, please send a photo and a short write-up telling us about where you have chosen to play and how your members feel about being back together to


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