Scottish bands shine in Cory Online Championships

Monday 29 March 2021

Congratulations to all Scottish bands who not only took part but, more significantly, were placed in the Kapitol Cory Online Championships and whose combined performances placed the country in the runner-up spot in the ‘battle of the regions’.

Whitburn Band came out on top on the championship section of the contest which took place over three weekends in March. The band also won the prizes for best euphoniums/baritones (Scott Kerr, Chris Shanks, Evelyn Bradley, Holly Bennett), best trombones (Paul Kiernan, Robyn Anderson, Charlie Farren) and best percussion (Chris Yule, Ryan Bradley and Stephen Duncan).

Euphonium players Chris Shanks and Scott Kerr perform Another Fine Mess!

It was Whitburn’s 1930s-inspired programme that took top spot at the innovative brass band festival of music in which almost 100 bands from around the world took part.  

Charlie Farren, Whitburn band chairman, commented: “We are obviously delighted with the victory and congratulate all the bands and to Cory for putting on this wonderful event.  “The contest has given bands from around the world the opportunity to showcase their talents.”

You can watch Whitburn’s entire performance from the Cory contest, as well as its other online performances, on its YouTube and Facebook pages. 

Coalburn Silver and Johnstone took the second and third places respectively in the first section. Coalburn also won the prize for the best basses and best percussion and Johnstone had the best cornet section. Langholm was placed third in the third section and also had the best basses.

Annan Town won the prize for the best regional music in the second section. Lochgelly’s principal cornet player Lynsey Aitken won the second section soloist prize.

“What an achievement and I’m so proud of all of our bands who took part,” said SBBA president Carrie Boax on announcement of the results.

“The work that goes into preparing and producing digital events is huge and in a time when people are starting to weary, this is the perfect pick-me-up and motivation that is needed.”


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