Online event will help to make you more cyber aware

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Cyber Scotland Week, from 22-28 February, draws together events across Scotland designed to make businesses, organisations and individuals more cyber aware and resilient.

One particular event, Cyber 101, may be of interest of SBBA member bands. It aims to provide a concise but comprehensive summary of the main threats faced by small charities online. It will highlight the key steps that can be taken to help defend against these threats and point out the resources and organisations that are available to help towards becoming a truly cyber-resilient organisation.

Cyber 101 will take place on Friday 26 February at 2-3pm and will be hosted by Alison Stone (Cyber Resilience Co-ordinator for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations) with guest speakers Mike Smith and James McGoldrick (CyberCrime Prevention, Police Scotland) and Kirstie Steele (Cyber Resilience Community Lead, Scottish Business Resilience Centre).

This event will be hosted as a Zoom meeting and is free to anyone to attend. It is particularly suitable for small charitable organisations and voluntary groups. To register, please click this link:


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