Invitation to attend Zoom workshop on current situation facing UK musicians

Thursday 5 November 2020

An amateur singer who is a University of Glasgow student has reached out to SBBA with an offer to brass musicians to attend a free Zoom workshop on the devastation that COVID-19 has wreaked on music-making throughout the UK.

Janet Burgess, who is working on a PhD on amateur musicians and copyright law, explained: “A small group of us have been given funding from the Being Human Festival and the Festival of Social Sciences to put on the Zoom session which will explore how the lockdown has impacted a music industry sector already characterised by precariousness and uncertainty, compelling many musicians to start using online platforms as their only means of making music.

“We're hoping this event will be engaging for anyone who’s interested in music, irrespective of whether they’re a practising musician or not.” 

The workshop will take place at 19:00–20:30 on Thursday 12 November. It will feature Simon Anderson (PRS for Music), Matt Brennan (aka Citizen Bravo), Kathryn Cooper (UofG Director of Chapel Music), Carla Easton and Mathias Korn from The Burning Hell.

Bookings to attend the event can be made via

“Part gig, part debate, this session brings together music and legal scholars, musicians and policy makers to tell the story of a song – from composition and collaboration through to recording and live performance,” added Janet.

“Join us to share your questions, views and experiences as we discuss music, copyright and uncertainty in this new creative world.”  


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