Performance masterclass by Les Neish in Learning Roadshow

Thursday 3 September 2020

Tuba virtuoso Les Neish has signed up to join tutors for the virtual Learning Roadshow being staged by SBBA on 20 September.

Les will be putting on a masterclass on performance techniques via Zoom, adding to the three contributors who have already been announced:

·      Author, performance coach and mental health advocate Tabby Kerwin will deliver a Zoom session on ‘Mental Health in Brass Bands’

·      Lancashire Music Service’s Helen Minshall is producing a recorded session entitled ‘Brass Beginnings’, a guide to the early stages of brass playing and building a band

·      Jack Nissan from Tinderbox Collective is planning a Zoom session on ‘The use of Zoom for online teaching’.

A link has now been provided for the Tabby Kerwin event which you can access here

Two Learning Roadshows had been planned for the east and west of Scotland during June and September with the intention of reaching out to brass band musicians with useful workshop and information sessions as a means of celebrating SBBA’s 125th anniversary year.

Now, because of COVID-19, the two events are being combined into a single, online experience which will be beamed into people’s homes on 20 September.


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