Ireland contest falls victim to Coronavirus outbreak

Saturday 23 May 2020

The 103rd Championship of Ireland Band Contest, which had been scheduled to take place in October, has been cancelled due to the prevailing restrictions attached to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Richard Whiteside, general secretary of the North of Ireland Bands Association, explained: “This is not a decision taken lightly. The contest has only ever been cancelled during the years of the two World Wars and has been continuing since WW2.

“This year we would have achieved 75 years of uninterrupted Championship contests.

“However, the Association has to be very aware of the risk to band members, their supporters and the public and also of the restrictions on public and social gatherings imposed by the government.

“The fact is that bands are currently unable to meet for rehearsals and this situation could continue for the foreseeable future. 

“We hope that all bands are holding together, that the situation will improve for us all going forward and that the 103rd Championship of Ireland Contest will take place in October 2021.”


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