‘Rainbow’ appeal to brass players

Monday 27 April 2020

Scottish brass players are being encouraged to join fellow instrumentalists across the country in a musical tribute to the NHS, care staff and key workers throughout the UK.

The Music Education Partnership Group, Scotland, is organising a mass performance of the now-iconic Over the Rainbow to coincide with the weekly Clap for Carers this Thursday at 8pm.

“MPEG is proud to support our NHS and all key workers across the UK and further afield,” says the organisation’s Mae Murray. “Join us to say our thank you by bringing a Musical Rainbow to all our heroes.”

Further information on the event is available on Facebook at https://facebook.com/events/s/over-the-rainbow/245531546597531/?ti=ia

Music for Over the Rainbow – for brass, percussion, woodwind, strings, bagpipes, guitar and keyboard – is available here https://wemakemusicfornhs.weebly.com/


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