Devastation of Unison Kinneil's band hall by fire

Wednesday 5 June 2019

It is with great sadness this evening that we acknowledge the terrible news that is the devastation of Unison Kinneil's band hall by fire earlier today. On behalf of the team at SBBA and everyone that we represent within the Scottish Brass Band Community, out thoughts are with all at Unison this evening and to everyone that has been impacted by this tragedy. 

There has already been a flood of support, encouragement and compassion demonstrated on social media which stands as a testimony to the family spirit and sense of community that exists within our membership. SBBA will be working with Unison Kinneil over the coming days and weeks to understand what support they need and where possible we will work to provide that support to ensure that recovery from todays events is as quick and complete as is possible. 

Again, we are standing with you tonight Unison, and are touched by the support that we have seen across social media tonight.

All at SBBA.


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