Lochgelly raising funds to restore bandhall

Friday 23 February 2018

Lochgelly Band is appealing for donations to help raise enough funds to carry out repairs and rennovations to its bandhall, setting an initial target of £5,000 to undertake essential work.

Band spokesperson Fiona Balsillie commented: "We desperately need to give our bandhall some major 'TLC'! Over the next six months, we need to replace the bathroom, fix the heating, update the plumbing, fix flooring, repair rhones, redecorate the interior, and generally make sure that the band hall is a safe place for everyone to rehearse. If these repairs aren't undertaken, the band risk losing players and this would impact greatly on the future of Lochgelly Band."

"It would be fantastic if local traders could offer supplies or their time and resources to come in and fix the bandhall back into life. At the moment, we've set a target of £5,000, because we feel that's a realistic target for getting the hall back into a useable state. However, looking at the bigger picture, we're going to need much more than that if we're going to replace items in the bandhall."

The Lochgelly Band was formed at some time during the early to mid-19th century although the first recorded instance of a brass band in the town dates from 1854 so this is generally regarded as the date of formation. Since its formation, the band has been active participants in both the contest arena and in public performance.

Fiona added: "The band is an integral part of the local community and can be regularly seen at community events, including the town gala day parade and the annual service of Remembrance. We also present several concerts throughout the year including our annual summer concert and the not to be missed Lochgelly Christmas concert!"

"We are very grateful for any donations that we receive - thank you!"

Donations van be made via the Lochgelly Band Facebook page