2nd Section

Tullis Russell Mills

Formed in 1919 by the paper mill as a social outlet for its workers, Tullis Russell Mills Band has since gone from strength to strength and has enjoyed much success over the years under the leadership of many famous conductors, such as Drake Rimmer, Ray Farr, John Maines and Alan Morrison. Even some of the world?s most outstanding players and tutors are products of ?Tullis?, examples being John Wallace, John Millar and James Gourlay. The band also takes great pride in the knowledge that it is the only surviving Mills band left in Scotland.

Contesting wise, the Band has always been ?in with a shout?, gaining numerous 2nd and 3rd places at local and national contests over the years. Successes have included setting a unique record at one hymn-tune contest where the Band won for 13 years in succession, until the contest organisers decided to make the event a march contest.

The band has been Scottish Champion on four occasions -1952 (Championship Section) under the directorship of Drake Rimmer; 1985 (3rd Section) under the baton of James Miller; 1995 (2nd Section) due to the dedication of the Musical Director, Bruce Davis; and 2006 (3rd Section) where the band was directed by world-renowned professional conductor Alan Morrison.

There have been many memorable contests and concerts in the last 20 years, with the band qualifying 8 times within this period to represent Scotland at the National Championships. September 2006 will see the band represent Scotland at the 3rd Section National Finals in Harrogate, as the current Scottish Champions.

In 1985 Tullis Russell Mills Band made the first of its very successful visits to Boblingen, near Stuttgart in Germany. Boblingen is the twin town of Glenrothes, where the band is based. More recently, in 2005, the Band played host to the Tampereen Tyovaenyhdistyksen Soittokunta Band from Finland and a trip to Finland for Tullis is planned for 2007.

The band continues to play where at all possible, at local gala days, fetes, church concerts and contests etc., and is available for all occasions. As well as the senior band we also have a learner?s band ensuring the future of the brass banding tradition in Scotland.

Senior Band ? Monday and Thursday nights at 7.45pm
Learners Band ? Monday and Thursday nights at 7.00pm

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