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NYBBS – A Celebration Extravaganza at Perth Concert Hall

Published on 15 August, 2013 at 20:08

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The three bands of The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (NYBBS) enthralled the full and enthusiastic audience at Perth Concert Hall when they presented A Celebration Concert on the afternoon of Saturday 10th August 2013. The joint concert marked the culmination of a week-long residential music course held for each of the bands, involving 130+ young brass and percussion musicians aged 9-22.

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This year's joint concert in this magnificent performance venue showcased The National Children's Brass Band of Scotland (conducted by Gordon Evans),

20130815234247.jpg - 2013 Resrve NYBBS

The National Youth Reserve Brass Band of Scotland (conducted by John Boax) and the premier level youth band in the organisation -

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The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (conducted by the NYBBS' Musical Director, Richard Evans). A new initiative for the organisation, the combined concert enabled a wonderful presentation of the progressive levels of youth music being offered through the spectrum of NYBBS, whilst at the same time, providing a varied and exciting programme of music - selected to highlight some of the bands' favourites from the wider developmental repertoire being worked upon during their three respective courses.

In addition to being guided by their highly respected band conductors, the bands also welcomed to the stage Guest Conductor Russell Gray, who had been working in conjunction with the three bands, to share his broad conducting and playing experience through master-classes and workshops. The programme also included an impressive solo item - ‘Salt of the Earth' (composed by Andy Scott) featuring Guest Soloist, Les Neish, Tuba virtuoso and a member of the NYBBS course tutor staff. In addition, Neil Cross, NYBBS Director, joined the stage to welcome the audience and to provide a most effective narration for a presentation of Elgar Howarth's ‘Fireworks' - a musical delight which guided the listeners through the instrumentation of a brass band.

Opening with a stunning fanfare ‘Flying High' composed by the NYBBS bass trombone player, Josiah Walters, performed from the balcony by members of The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (premier band) the afternoon was set up to impress. The National Youth Reserve Brass Band of Scotland (led by the inspirational John Boax) and the National Children's Brass Band of Scotland (led by the motivational Gordon Evans) then filled the first half of the concert with an eclectic mix of music - classics, originals, arrangements, pop and film music - musically something for everyone, with contributions from Edward Gregson to Philip Harper, John Williams to Eric Ball, all culminating in an exciting massed band performance of Elgar Howarth's ‘Zurich March'! The immensely enthusiastic audience response clearly demonstrated their thrill and enjoyment of the performances and brought about a fantastic atmosphere throughout the concert hall.

The second half of the concert then welcomed The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (premier band) to the stage, led by their inimitable conductor and the organisation's Musical Director, Richard Evans. Striking up with the Carl Orff's fanfare from ‘Carmina Burana' the band immediately grabbed the audience's attention and continued to engage them with each impressive performance of the pieces they brought forth. Leading with Elgar Howarth's ‘Fireworks' (superbly narrated by NYBBS Director Neil Cross), the band then presented a magnificent performance with Guest Soloist, Les Neish, of Andy Scott's ‘Salt of the Earth' - a virtuosic composition with immense challenges for soloist and band alike.

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The afternoon's proceedings then changed direction and the President of The Scottish Brass Band Association (parent body of the NYBBS organisation) invited Neil Cross to the stage to receive public thanks for his two decades of directorship of the NYBBS organisation, upon his retirement receiving an engraved Quaich from SBBA to mark his remarkable dedication.

20130815234023.jpg - 2013 neil june Nybbs
Principal Cornet of NYBBS, Stephanie Mitchell presented June Cross with flowers, with thanks for her support to NYBBS  and all its members past and present, over the past 20 years

Returning to the concert performances, the band then impressed with a thrilling rendition of Peter Meechan's ‘Legend of King Arthur', led by Guest Conductor, Russell Gray. As a more light-hearted parallel with the opening guide to a brass band through the piece ‘Fireworks', the concert was closed with the amusing ‘Mr Lear's Carnival by Hogarth W Lear (aka Elgar Howarth), taking the popular ‘Carnival of Venice' theme around the band, and enabling each section to demonstrate their technical and musical versatility - a perfect closing reminder of the young brass and percussion talent that the organisation is delighted to be supporting and nurturing.

As players and families were reunited after the concert and the week's courses, the foyer of Perth Concert Hall held an electric atmosphere. With huge enthusiasm being expressed by the audience and players alike, the 2013 NYBBS Summer Course has proven to offer its participants an exciting array of musical and social opportunities, concluding in a world-class concert presentation at one of Scotland's key concert venues.

Plans for next year are already in hand and details will be posted on the NYBBS and SBBA websites once finalised. With three bands of varying levels, catering for ages between 9-22 (inclusive), all brass and percussion players are encouraged to attend and take advantage of this unique opportunity to develop their playing and musicality, have fun, make friends, and experience the many exciting prospects being offered to the talented young musicians that make up the organisation's membership.


(NYBBS = The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (premier band)
(NYRBBS = The National Youth Reserve Brass Band of Scotland)
(NCBBS = The National Children's Brass Band of Scotland)

1st Half
1. Flying High - Fanfare - Composed by Josiah Walters - performed by members of NYBBS
2. March Prelude - Composed by Edward Gregson - performed by NYRBBS
3. Hymn from ‘The Gallimaufry Suite' - Composed by Philip Harper - performed by NYRBBS
4. Provence - Overture - Composed by Brian Kelly - performed by NYRBBS
5. Theme from Star Wars - Composed by John Williams/Arranged by Steve Sykes - performed by NCBBS
6. Indian Summer - Composed by Eric Ball - performed by NCBBS
7. Siciliano from ‘Little Suite for Brass' - Composed by Malcolm Arnold - performed by NYRBBS
8. Dimensions - Composed by Peter Graham - performed by NRBBS
9. My Selfe and King's Hunting Jig from ‘Old English Dances' - arranged by Alan Fernie - performed by NCBBS
10. Zurich March - arranged by Elgar Howarth - performed by NCBBS and NYRBBS

2nd Half - all performed by NYBBS
1. Fanfare from Carmina Burana - Composed by Carl Orff
2. Fireworks - Composed by Elgar Howarth
3. Salt of the Earth - Composed by Andy Scott - Performed with Guest Soloist Les Neish on Tuba
4. Legend of King Arthur - Composed by Peter Meechan
5. Mr Lear's Carnival - Composed by Hogarth W Lear (aka Elgar Howarth)

From 2011, The Scottish Brass Band Association became the parental body of The National Youth Brass Bands of Scotland organisation, including its three associated youth bands, The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland, The National Youth Reserve Brass Band of Scotland and the National Children's Brass Band of Scotland. This part of the organisation offers Scotland's young brass musicians, from learner to premier level, the opportunity to take part in residential courses with experienced tutors, conductors and mentors, together with additional initiatives and collaborative projects throughout the year.

The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (NYBBS) was formed in 1958 to offer young brass and percussion players a platform of excellence to which they could aspire. Since then, it has established itself with a reputation of developing some of the finest brass and percussion musicians in the world. In addition to smaller individual initiatives and projects, the flagship events for the bands of The NYBBS are its residential summer courses. Providing an ideal environment of opportunity for the musicians, the courses mix an abundance of enjoyment, friendship and team-building with a united focus on trying to achieve the best of each individual's ability through encouragement, guidance and high quality tuition. A total of three bands are now available to offer players of all abilities (Grade 3 upwards), aged between 9 and 21, an opportunity to become involved with one of the most inspirational youth brass band initiatives in Scotland.
The National Children's Brass Band of Scotland provides a wonderful opportunity for younger (aged 13 or under), inexperienced players to enjoy the pleasures of rehearsing and performing in a full band of likeminded enthusiasts. Supported by a team of dedicated and experienced tutors, the band is a perfect introduction to the wide world of brass band music and the many opportunities it can offer aspiring players.

The National Youth Reserve Brass Band of Scotland, plays host to another talented group of young musicians who are well on their way to reaching the high standards required by The NYBBS. This band offers its members plenty of inspiration, support and opportunities to progress, guided by a collection of highly experienced tutors, making it an ideal stepping stone into The NYBBS.

The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland is the premier level youth band and demonstrates the extraordinary musical talent that is available from the youth of Scotland. Supported by an internationally renowned tutorial team the band offers the finest young brass and percussion musicians a unique opportunity to learn from the best.
The Scottish Brass Band Association (SBBA)



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