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Published on 6 December, 2012 at 15:12

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Many thanks to the bands that have ordered recordings from us this year, but here is some important information for band secretaries/managers still wishing to place orders. Due to an imminent relocation, we are suspending the manufacture of the CD option. The recordings can only be ordered as downloads. While trying to move it's impractical to produce the CD copies. The download version is in our experience just as good at the 320kbs rate, and feedback tells us that many of you are using the MP3 to produce your own CD copies for playback in the car etc. You're telling us that the 50 downloads for £25 is handy as everyone in the band can have a copy, and good value at the equivalent of 50 pence per download.

We know that band supporters like to make their own recordings from the audience, and that a good many of them circulate on SoundCloud, You Tube and all sorts of other places. The difference in quality between Aunty Jessie trying to keep still and quiet 5 rows back with her mobile phone, and a professionally mixed and mastered, official recording is immense. Rob, our engineer, has put together a sampler for you to hear for yourself. It uses short extracts of 9 recordings we've made from 2010 to 2012, and a variety of bands - including one from the new percussion section. If you've only ever experienced Aunty Jessie's attempts, be prepared for a surprise! To download it, use one of these three links:

All three links will get you the same sampler. There's a limit of 50 downloads per link (a limitation of the system) so all three will provide 150 opportunities to hear the sampler (about 8Mb). If none of the links works for you it could be that 150 people have already downloaded. If this happens, contact us via email and we'll send you the sampler via email attachment. The links expire after 14 days.

Our relocation is giving us the opportunity to do a bit of "house-keeping", so if you are at all interested in purchasing recordings from 2010, 2011 as well as 2012, read on. We have quite an archive which during the "move" will be cleared out. There's still time to order back copies at a special rate (details below), before we shelve the archive to make way for our 2013 projects. As Rob put it, "after a couple of years it's safe to assume nobody wants these older recordings".

To sum up:

Any further orders will be via download only at £25 for 50 downloads.
For bands ordering the 2012 recordings, their recordings from 2010 and 2011 can also be ordered at the same time for an extra £10 per year. (after this offer they won't be available).
Due to our relocation, the deadline for any remaining orders is 13 December, 2012.
We accept PayPal:

If you are using paypal. log into paypal, go into the send money option, put in this email, then put in the amount you want to pay then send or alternatively you can put a cheque in the post to

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