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Band of the Year

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2013 Band of the Year

Championship Section
20121015222705.jpg - 1 coop logo 2012
The Co-operative Funeralcare Band

1st Section
newtongrange.gif - Crests: newtongrange.gif
Newtongrange Silver Band

2nd Section
kinneil.jpg - Crests: kinneil.jpg
Unison Kinneil Band

3rd Section
stronans.jpg - Crests: stronans.jpg
St.Ronan's Silver Band

4th Section
20131210115047.jpg - 1 Barrhead Logo 1
Barrhead Burgh Band


The band of the year awards are designed to reflect the respective performances of bands in all Scottish contests and also in major national and international contests throughout the year. A separate award is made in each section for the band which accumulates the most band of the year points in all contests attended during the contesting year (1st January - 31st December). Band of the Year points are awarded on the following basis:-

Scottish Championships

Each band receives 2 points for taking part, an additional 2 points for each band they defeat and with a 2 point bonus for being the winning band. To demonstrate how this operates, a band winning a section of 10 bands in the Scottish Championships would receive 2 points for taking part, 18 points for having finished higher than 9 other bands and a 2 point bonus for winning the contest, being a total of 22 points. The band finishing in fifth place in the same contest would receive 2 points for taking part and 10 points for having finished higher than 5 other bands, being a total of 12 points.

Other Contests in Scotland

Fife Charities, Northern Counties, Carnegie, Land O' Burns, Borders Entertainment, and West Lothian Festival, Scottish Challenge Shield, Scottish Challenge Cup and Scottish Open.

Each band receives 1 point for taking part, 1 additional point for each Scottish band in their own section which they defeat and 1 bonus point for being the winning band in their section. Using this example, if 3 bands from the same section were to take part in one of these contests, the sectional winners would receive 1 point for taking part, 2 points for having finished higher than 2 other bands in the same section and 1 bonus point for winning the section, being a total of 4 points. In the same example, the band finishing second would receive 2 points and the band finishing third in the section would receive 1 point.

For the West Lothian Festival, points will only be awarded based on the ultimate result of the contest. Assuming all of the bands in the contest are Scottish and in the same section, the winners of the contest will therefore receive 7 points (1 for taking part, 5 for having finished higher than 5 other bands and 1 bonus point for winning the contest), the runners up in the final will receive 5 points, each band taking part will receive 3.5 points.

Major National and International Contests

(National Championship Finals - all sections, British Open, Grand Sheild, Senior Cup, Senior Trophy, European Championships, Scottish Open, International Masters, Brass in Concert, Mineworkers and Pontins).

Each band receives 1 point for taking part, 1 additional point for each Scottish band in their own section which they defeat, 1 bonus point for being the highest placed Scottish band in their section in the event and an additional bonus point if they were to be the overall winners of the event. Using the 2003 Scottish Open result as an example, Scottish Co-op receive 1 point for taking part, 6 points for defeating 6 other Scottish Championship section bands, 1 bonus point for being the highest placed Scottish Championship section band and 1 further bonus point for being the overall winners, being a total of 9 points.

In the event of a tie in the total number of points scored by two or more bands over the course of the year, the placings acheived in the Scottish Championships will determine the final Band of the Year placings for the bands concerned.

The tables for Band of the Year will be updated following each contest and the up to date position can be checked on this website.


Latest Standings

Championship Section

Co-operative Funeralcare Band 36.0
Whitburn 31.0
Dalmellington 22.0
Kingdom Brass 20.0
Clackmannan District 15.0
Kirkintilloch Kelvin 15.0
Lochgelly 10.0
Kirkintilloch 9.0
Newtongrange Silver 6.0
Johnstone Silver 3.0

1st Section

Bon Accord Silver 26.0
Granite City Brass 25.0
Unison Kinneil 25.0
Bo'ness & Carriden 20.0
Newmilns & Galston 19.0
Dalkeith & Monktonhall 10.0
Bathgate 10.0
Coalburn Silver 10.0
Broxburn & Livingston 7.0
Croy 2.0

2nd Section

Tullis Russell Mills 52.0
St. David's Brass 21.0
Shotts St. Patrick's Brass 21.0
Arbroath Instrumental 20.0
St. Ronan's Silver 18.0
Perthshire Brass 17.0
Jedforest Instrumental 11.0
City of Discovery 9.0
Kingdom Brass B 8.0
Annan Town (Magnox) 8.0
Campbeltown Brass 3.0
Kilmarnock Concert Brass 0.0

3rd Section

Tullis Russell Intermediate Band 33.0
Barrhead Burgh 30.0
Dunaskin Doon 26.0
Irvine & Dreghorn 25.0
Selkirk Silver 19.0
Langholm Town 16.0
Renfrew Burgh 11.0
Dumfries Town 8.0
Peebles Burgh 6.0
MacTaggart Scott Loanhead 3.0
Brass Sounds Inverclyde 1.0

4th Section

Buckhaven & Methil 33.0
Callander Brass 31.0
Tayport Instrumental 29.0
Whitburn Heartlands 26.0
Bon Accord Silver 'B' 25.0
Highland Brass 23.0
Dunfermline Town 20.0
Queensferry Community Brass 15.5
Penicuik Silver 12.5
Dundee Instrumental (St. Margaret's) 12.0
Creetown Silver 11.0
Stranraer Brass 9.0
Hawick Saxhorn 8.0
Dysart Colliery 4.0

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